Charles Astro

I am mainly interested in planetary formation as well as the origin of asteroids and comets. The geology of planetary surfaces is not my usual area but the images of Pluto returned by the New Horizons probe are so intriguing that I was inspired to start this blog to discuss them with the world.

The pictures have a story to tell, a story that is quite different and more interesting than the conventional pre-encounter view that Pluto would have a surface of rock solid water ice over a rocky core. The structure of a thin tar-like crust protecting an ocean of highly volatile ices may turn out to be a common pattern for TNOs.

I’m new to WordPress and the world of blogging so I would appreciate any advice on how I could improve the format of the site or perhaps a better alternative to the ‘intergalactic’ theme I’m now using. I would rather that visitors were presented with content when they arrive on the site, rather than having to scroll down from the giant title of the intergalactic theme.


3 thoughts on “Charles Astro

  1. Welcome to WP. You asked for advice in your last paragraph. Perhaps testing out different themes would give you some options for content presentation. I’ve a variety of themes. Some offer good features. Currently, I like the one I’m using. I invite you to take a look.

    Keep at it. Your writing seems clear and interesting. It takes time to iron out the wrinkles of WP.



    1. Thanks Jim, for your encouragement. The ‘Motif’ theme you are using does look nice and clear, with good navigation. Navigation is perhaps the weak point of the ‘Intergalactic’ theme I’m using now. The only menu is behind a black symbol which is almost hidden because of my choice of a dark blue background. One thing that I do like about Intergalactic is that it can take advantage of a fair bit of the screen width when viewed on wide screen.

      When I started the blog/site I thought that a website format would be better than a blog but now, due to the frequent updating necessary as new data arrives from the New Horizons probe at the edge of the solar system, I’m thinking that a blog format with a ‘sticky-post’ at the beginning would be better. With a blog readers can scroll down through the most recent posts without having to click on a menu. Though a good menu is also necessary. I’m looking for a theme that can do it all, but I haven’t found it yet. Perhaps there is some ideal combination of theme and menu plug-in that I can use.

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